Oak Ridge ARP Church

                       Pastor: Rev. David Huffman

What Is An ARP?                                                                     

What is an ARP?

ARP stands for Associate Reformed Presbyterian. We are a denomination of Presbyterian churches founded in Philadelphia in 1782 through the merger of two Scottish groups, the Associates (Seceders) and the Reformed (Covenanter)

Who were the Seceders?

The Seceders were a group of Presbyterians founded in the 1740's by Ebenezer and Ralph Erskine. They withdrew from the Scottish church over state control of Churches and importance of heart knowledge of salvation.

Who were the Covenanters?

The Covenanters were a group of Presbyterians who broke away from the Scottish church over ascription to the Solemn League and Covenant and National Covenants, which declared that God alone was sovereign over the church.

How many ARP's are there in the North America?

There are approximately 32,000 ARP's in the United States and Canada.

Where else are the ARP’s located? ARP's have organized synods in Mexico and Pakistan. We also have mission work in Germany, Turkey, Wales, and Scotland.

What makes ARP's different from other Presbyterians?

1. A commitment to Presbyterian belief and practice. 2. A strong commitment to the Bible as God's Word, without error or compromise. 3. A belief in the primary importance of bringing the Gospel to all people 4. A respect for those who disagree.

How else do the ARP's differ from others?
The ARP's have a strong tradition of singing the Biblical Psalms, which is still exclusively practiced in some of our churches. ARP's do not ordain women as elders or ministers, on Biblical grounds.

How do I find out more about the ARP’s?
Our denomination's website is arpchurch.org. You may find more information about our denomination there.

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