Who We Are at Oak Ridge ARP                                                                            

Our church was founded in 1939 to share the Good News of Jesus with the people Lancaster County. The founding members built the building by hand, over an eight year period.

   Architecturally, Oak Ridge ARP church is unique, with its vaulted ceiling and dark pews. The stained glass windows cast a holy light over the interior, enriching the warm glow inside. The church is open to a variety of worship styles and forms, all to the glory of God and the enrichment of those who attend.

  Our church has always been a warm church, where anyone is welcome. People arrive in suits and jeans. We are a family church. Young people and old people embrace each other with genuine affection. We are a service-oriented church, where the church and its members demonstrate their concern for the helpless and the hurting through, giving, caring, and sharing.

  There are new people at Oak Ridge, but there are no strangers. Everyone who walks through the door are always welcomed with a handshake or an embrace.

  If you're looking for a place where you or your family may experience God's love, there are few places you will find it more openly displayed and celebrated than at Oak Ridge ARP Church.